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as you know melamine is a term that refers to a manufactured type of plywood. Sheets of paper are mechanically injected with a type of resin that can bond to the surface of particleboard without the use of an adhesive in a high. Melamine is used to make everything from kitchen cabinets to residential and commercial furniture and shelving.

Here I would like to refer to kitchen cabinet refacing markham some advantages and some disadvantages and in continue I would have a small comparison between this material and plywood.

To count some advantages, we should point to Attractiveness as the first feature because of their ability to be mixed or adapted with wide of materials and has a lot of color range and easy to clean and easy On Budget as the future features and customization which  Gives customer  much choice and selection range as Melamine can offer a much wider range of color and shading options when compared to wood, it means that you can emulate the appearance of other types of materials (including wood), or get a truly unique color, shade, or pattern put onto your cabinets, providing you complete control of what your Area looks like or Uniform Finish definite as  a consistent finish parameter  it is manufactured in a controlled setting and the last feature that is  Consistent Appearance what  melamine provides a smooth and consistent finish, without variation in grain or texture. This provides a much cleaner aesthetic to your Space but in other hand melamine has some disadvantages like high weight or dependency of Water proof or chemical resistance features to good installation.

To sum up we should say that ,melamine is used as an applicable and  common material  in wide range of buildings such as homes ,hospitals and laboratory because of it’s especial  advantages such as great durability, attractiveness, easy cleanness, low cost, uniform finish in comparison to other materials like woods  .this material gives you wide rage of selection in color or shaping options and it has high adaptability and cohesion with other material and adaptability is a good factor for  reducing cost of the furniture’s in which this material is the base material for them and  also it makes  installation process easier . Estimate long life is around twenty years which is a good long life for a furniture or a cabinet but we should mention that this  material durability comes from high weight of this material and heavy feature can make a repair process a little bit difficult because if bad damages happens on surface and makes the surface un smooth then the unsmooth surface should  be completely replaced with the new one . In addition some of the material features such as flame or chemical resistant or waterproof feature is completely depend on good installation it is good to point out the melamine is known as one of the rare material  that allows some features can be super strength like the water proof feature can be strengthen with MR MDF or by adding a high quality wood sealant, varnish or stain or moisture-resistant paint as the end Sam wood working with around more than ten years work experience in wood working is ready to give you more consultation in this regards.

at last In deciding between melamine or plywood cabinet material, you should consider each has its benefits for example melamine is cost effective, beautiful, and easy to clean but plywood is easier to work with, plus has natural wood grain you can choose between them base on your budget and your taste you would like to design .


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